Here are some of the common questions we are asked relating to your rent as a Cadwyn tenant, find more information below

What happens to the rent I pay?

Cadwyn tenants are charged rent in order to maintain their tenancy with us. Your rent is used towards repairs and on-going maintenance to your home. It is also used to build more affordable housing and reinvested in the community.

What happens if I don’t pay my rent?

Paying the rent is very important. If you do not pay the rent you could lose your home. Without payment of rent we will have no other choice than to start legal proceedings meaning you could face eviction. Some people can get help from the government to pay their rent. This is called Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

If paying your rent is a problem for you, Cadwyn Rent Management Officers are available to help and support you and provide advice.

Can I get help with my rent?

You might be able to claim housing benefit to help you with the rent. If we offer you a home we can give you advice on if you will qualify for full or part-payment Housing benefit or Universal Credit and give you an indication on how much rent you will have to pay.

If you are able to get help with your rent through Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, you will have to apply directly to your local council or the DWP. You can download and print the forms, or fill them in online.

If you would like to calculate your benefit entitlement visit

Will housing benefit or universal credit pay my council tax?

Dependent on your income, you may still be able to claim up to 100% of your Council Tax bill and will have to complete an application form which you can obtain from your local council.

Council Tax Benefit stopped in April 2013 and it was replaced by a scheme called the Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

How can I check if I am up-to-date with my Rent?

We will send you a ‘Rent Statement’ every 3 months in the post. This will show how much rent you have paid and if there is anything you still have to pay (for example if you missed any payments).

If you want to see if you’ve missed any payments at all or if you are in credit (which means you’ve paid all the rent due), then please give us a call on 029 2049 8898.

You can view an up to date rent statement and manage your account in My Cadwyn here

On my ‘Rent Statement’ what does ‘AR’ or ‘CR’ mean?

‘AR’ is short for ‘Arrears’ which means not enough money has been paid to cover your rent

‘CR’ is short for ‘Credit’ which means you’ve paid your rent on time and some extra to put your rent account in credit

If you have been paying your rent each week or month but your statement says you are in ‘arrears’ please contact us straight away so we can find out what has happened.

My Direct Debit didn’t go through; will it automatically be put through again?

Your Direct Debit (DD) will not be automatically put through again if it does not work the first time. If you notice that a DD has not gone through, you must pay in a different way, which are detailed in Ways to Pay Your Rent here

Please make sure you have enough money in your account at the time when the DD is due and it should come through to us.

We will try and tell you if we notice your usual DD payment has not worked, however please make sure you keep a close eye on your bank statements so that if you do miss a payment because the DD did not come through, then you can make sure you can pay us the rent in a different way and not miss the rent payment and get into ‘arrears’ (owe us more money on top of what you will owe in the next rent payment).

Why have I been sent a rent arrears letter when I don’t pay rent?

If you get housing benefit the council will pay your rent directly to the association but remember that if you claim Universal Credit the rent will be paid to you direct and not Cadwyn. But if your benefit has not been paid for any reason, your rent account will show that you’re in arrears. This might be why you’ve had this letter. If we write to you about arrears, please contact us right away so we can help sort things out.
But remember, your claim for housing benefit or universal credit is your responsibility. You must make sure you have given the council & the DWP all the information needed to process your claim.

Is my electricity, gas or water covered by Housing Benefit?

No. Electricity, gas and water are completely separate payments that you must pay. When you move into your home you should check the reading on your electricity and gas meters.

You can choose to change who you buy your electricity or gas from to get a better deal – you can do this online on sites such as uSwitch and Which? Switch

What can I do if I’ve just lost my job but I still need to pay rent?

  • Claim Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.You will have to apply directly to your local council for Housing Benefit as they each have their own forms or online for Universal Credit.
  • Claim Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA) and put the application in straight away as the claims take time to process.
  • Visit Turn2Us website to see what other benefits you can get.
  • Let us know. We can see what we can do to try and help

What if I already get Housing Benefit or Universal Credit but I am still having difficulty paying my rent?

Contact us on 029 2049 8898 and let us help you find the help you need.

Additionally you can visit the Turn2Us website to see what other benefits you can contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau


You could also make a list of all the money you receive (from work/benefits/savings/etc) and all the things you have to pay for (rent, council tax, bills, food, etc) to work out if there is anything you could save money on. To do this:

  1. Make a list of everything you need to pay for, starting with rent and council tax, and list them in order of how important they are, or how much they charge for late payments.
  1. Check you are claiming all the money from benefits that you can. You can use the site but if you’d like more help, you can call us and we can talk you through the form.
  1. Write down all the money you receive and all the things you have to pay for, and then see how much is left at the end.
  1. If you find you have more money going out then is coming in, look to see if there is anything that you could give up once in a while to save some money, if not, consider calling one of the agencies listed below for advice.
  1. Call the people or companies you owe money to and explain your situation. Try and work out an agreement to pay off what you owe them.

You can also call your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB), your local Shelter Advisor or a debt charity such as the ones listed below: …………………………….