What is Tenancy Fraud?

Cadwyn defines Tenancy Fraud as “any intentional false representation, including failure to declare information or abuse of position that is carried out to make gain, cause loss or expose another to risk of loss”.

Types of Tenancy Fraud include:

  • Not living in your house as your main home.
  • Letting ALL of your house to others without permission.
  • “Key Selling” to third parties,
  • Advertising your Cadwyn home to let or arranging someone else to live in your home.
  • Giving the wrong information either about yourself, your circumstances or housing conditions to get a Cadwyn property,
  • Giving your tenancy to someone else or others who are not allowed or without official permission.
  • Giving the wrong information in order to gain a succession upon the death of a tenant.
  • Multiple Occupation: living in more than one property
  • Not informing Cadwyn of the correct number of people making up your household.
  • Having more people living in the property than the property can accommodate.

In addition to Cadwyn staff preventing Tenancy Fraud we welcome feedback from anyone.  If you suspect tenancy fraud in a Cadwyn property. You can report this either via email at: info@cadwyn.co.uk

Or by telephoning your Neighbourhood Officer on 02920 498898

We will then investigate and take the appropriate action to address the matter.

Report Fraud: