Cadwyn wants everyone to live in well managed and maintained homes. We own and manage over 1200 properties, and manage a further 600 on behalf of other landlords.

Customer Service Standards:
  • Make an appointment with you for all repairs to be undertaken by CanDo Contractors
  • Send you written confirmation of the time- scales for repairs if they are going to be carried out by a different contractor, who will then contact you before they call out – Confirm the appointment time at the point of contact. Followed by a confirmation text.
  • Make safe all emergency repairs within 2 hours and complete them within 72 hours
  • Complete the repair within one visit where possible
  • Where we need to do repairs to common parts of flats or the external parts of your home we will not expect you to wait in for us to do the repair.
  • Everyone who carries out work to your home will have an identification badge
  • All of the people working in your home will be courteous, respectful and comply with our code of conduct.
Replacements and Improvements:

We aim to keep our properties in good condition and make plans to maintain, replace or renew major installations. This work includes painting the outside of your home and common parts of blocks of flats, grounds maintenance, replacing kitchens, bathrooms and windows, and regular maintenance of gas appliances and fire detection equipment.

Repair Responsibilities

We are committed to fulfilling our repairs obligations quickly and efficiently and you can report repairs here.

Sometimes repairs are the tenant’s responsibility to fix, especially when things have been damaged or worn out due to misuse. This page sets out what is our responsibility to repair and what is yours. If you’re not sure please report it and we will let you know.

Moving In

Before you move into your new home we make sure that the home meets a lettable standard.

When you move into your new home you can expect:

  • The property to be clean and tidy
  • The gas appliances to be safe and working properly
  • The decoration to be in good order – or we may give you a decoration voucher to enable you to buy your decoration materials.
  • Within your new tenancy pack we will also include a set of photographs of the property and information about when the kitchen, bathroom and windows are due for replacement and when the outside of your property is due to be painted.

Hoarding is a disorder where someone stores a significant amount of items in their home which becomes unmanageable. These items often have little or no monetary value.

It’s considered a problem if:

  • The clutter is affecting the quality of their life or their families.
  • It interferes with everyday life e.g. being unable to use a kitchen or a bathroom.
  • There is enough of it to be considered a fire risk.

If you are hoarding and would like support from us please contact your Neighbourhood Officer. For more information on this disorder please see the NHS‘s or Mind’s hoarding pages.