At Cadwyn we are committed to ensuring people live and work in environmentally sustainable homes, workplaces and communities. This means that we try to consider the environmental impact in everything we do and specifically try to minimise our carbon footprint.

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NU Life Furniture has recycled over 3.5 tonnes of furniture

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Our Pool Cars are chosen with efficiency in mind

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We have installed over 1,000 Solar Panel Units in our properties

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We have a Community Garden at our Beechley Drive development

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Cadwyn staff have taken up the Cycle to Work scheme

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Cadwyn’s Food Co-Op has sold over 600 bags of local produce since January 2015 

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We have reduced our Co2 output per staff member to 1.05 Co2/Tonnes

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We benefit the community by offering Apprenticeships

As we make future improvements to our business we become more efficient and eco friendly.

Our new software systems allow for enhanced job scheduling so travel time and Co2 is reduced. Staff have new mobile working tablet applications that cut down on printing and travel emissions due the ability to work seamlessly away from head office. Cadwyn continues to develop and become more eco efficient organisation.