It is important to Cadwyn that we repair and maintain your home.

We ask kindly, that you allow access to your home for repairs and inspections.

The reason we ask for access to your home to:

  • check gas and electrical safety,
  • fix things that you have reported,
  • deal with anything that makes your home unfit to live in.

Your Occupation Contract can provide you with more reasons. For example, regular inspections, improvements or viewings for new tenants. Cadwyn will not use this as an excuse for visits that are too frequent or disturbing.

Cadwyn will not disturb you in your home without good reason.

This is sometimes called having a right to ‘quiet enjoyment’ of the property.

Please do not refuse access for repairs.

Refusing access for repairs, inspections and safety checks could:

  • put your health and safety at risk,
  • break the rules of your tenancy agreement,
  • make it more likely the landlord will evict you.

Cadwyn, or anyone acting on their behalf, should only do work or inspect your home at reasonable times.

A ‘reasonable time’ means a time that is likely to be convenient for you. It should not be too early or too late, or when most people would be busy.

You should get:

  • at least 24 hours written notice of an inspection,
  • reasonable notice if someone needs to carry out repairs.

‘Reasonable notice’ is usually at least 24 hours. But it could be very short notice if you need emergency repairs. Your landlord must tell you first and should not just turn up.

If an appointment isn’t convenient, please suggest a different time.

You may not need to be there in person. You could:

  • ask a family member or neighbour to let them in,
  • give your landlord or agent permission to enter with a key.

Let us know if someone coming into your home might put your health at risk.

You might be able to agree steps to reduce contact and get work done while staying safe.


You can copy our template into a message or email:


You’ve asked to visit on [date] at [time] to [inspect or do repairs].

This might put my health at risk because [explain why you are vulnerable].

To reduce this risk, I need to ask that [for example, everyone uses hand sanitiser, avoids touching surfaces, maintains physical distance and wears a mask].

I am happy for the visit to go ahead if we can agree these steps to look after my health.


If you have bad physical or mental health:

You could ask to delay a visit until you feel better.

Make it clear that you will agree a different time as soon as you are well.

Cadwyn can assist in connecting you to the right people who can support you during these times and can advocate on your behalf. Please ask for support if you feel that could help and arrange access to your home on your behalf.