We want to help our tenant’s have the skills to use the Internet confidently and have access to computers or laptops

digital skills

Access to the Internet via a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone is becoming increasingly important in todays world, as more tasks move online. Cadwyn want to help our tenants in any way we can. We present a range of opportunities from providing training & equipment to help & advice on internet deals.

  • Did You Know?

  • Online households are on average £440 a year better off
  • Not using the internet affects access and opportunities in the job market
  • The need to be online is now greater than ever as ‘digital’ increasingly becomes the preferred way of conducting transactions (for example with applying for Universal Credit, Bank Accounts etc)
  • You will need an online account to claim Universal Credit
  • According to our tenant’s survey last year, 27% of our tenants told us they had rarely or never used the internet
  • What We Currently Do

  • We are working with new tenants to see how we can help them get on-line. This has included a pilot where some of our new tenants have received a tablet at the tenancy sign up.  The tablets hold all of the tenancy documents and we encourage tenants to contact us and use our services on-line
  • Our Realise Your Potential scheme works with clients to identify training needs.  I.T. is a common area where clients identify that they need to improve upon
  • We regularly signpost our tenants and RYP members to available I.T. training including linking up with the Job Centre Plus to advertise upcoming training groups or sessions
  • We are looking to recruit tenants who are enthusiastic users of the internet and could help our other tenants get on-line. If you are interested then please contact us
  • Our Financial Inclusion Team may be able to help with Digital Inclusion. Get in touch with them on 029 2049 8898 or email FITeam@cadwyn.co.uk