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Cadwyn’s Service Improvement Team (CSIT) have recently completed a Disability Review.

Following the Tenant Satisfaction Questionnaire (2018), Cadwyn ran a survey of disabled tenants. It was thought that the CSIT could build on and add value to the survey without duplicating its work.

The definition of disability used by the CSIT is that used by the EHRC (2018a), ‘people with a range of impairments including physical and sensory impairments, learning disabilities, autism, and mental health conditions.’

The topic was of particular relevance to the organisation since ~ 42% of Cadwyn tenants classify themselves as disabled. This recognition is also reflected in the organisation’s goal to achieve a Tai Pawb QED mark for housing associations and the recent Chief Executive Equalities Analysis Report to the Governance, Equality and HR Committee (2019)

The Disability Review went to Cadwyn’s Board and has since been approved. Cadwyn is currently working on implementing the recommendations made in the review. CSIT is supporting this work by making sure the recommendations are being implemented effectively so that all tenants benefit.

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