Delivering quality homes and thriving communities through considered and local procurement.

In 2022, Cadwyn launched its new Procurement Strategy (2022-2025). This new strategy clearly sets out Cadwyn’s procurement vision, aims and objectives over the next 3 years. With an annual spend of £14M on-bought in goods, services and Works of over £11M, Cadwyn HA has a great opportunity to influence the local economy, provide employment opportunities and deliver value for money for its Tenants. This strategy sets a framework for Cadwyn to support the effective use of resources to not only deliver its aims and objectives but to maximise the positive impact that can be achieved through effective procurement activities.

Cadwyn's procurement process

This Procurement Strategy comes at a time of change in the Procurement landscape and places an emphasis upon:

  • delivering social value
  • Sustaining procurement to support decarbonisation
  • Supporting local enterprises and the local economy

Here is our three-year Procurement Strategy

Procurement Strategy

Procurement Strategy