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When BOB heard his benefits were changing to become a single monthly Universal Credit payment, he got ready to Bank, go Online and Budget so that he could claim.


Universal Credit can only be paid into a bank account. Set one up or use the one you have.

This Money Advice Service information explains what you need to do to set one up.


All claims are managed online, so you need to know where you can access the internet and you need the skills to go online.

Get Online will tell you where you can find the nearest public computer.

Our friendly Rents Assistant Paul Fiteni can help you to improve your skills with using computers and the internet. Contact Paul on 029 20434465 or email paul.fiteni@cadwyn.co.uk


You need to plan your budget. Universal Credit is paid monthly rather than weekly or fortnightly.

What else did BOB do?

  • I made an email address
  • I registered on GOV.UK/VERIFY
  • I started paying £5 per week onto my rent account so I had money before my first UC payment (it takes at least five weeks for your first payment to arrive after you make your claim)
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Universal Credit is a single monthly payment of benefit for people in or out of work. Some single people and families are already claiming Universal Credit.

People making a new claim for benefit will be expected to claim Universal Credit as full service rolls out to their local authority area.

It’s different because:

  • You will only get one monthly payment for your household
  • Universal Credit will be paid into your bank account
  • If you’re entitled to help with your rent this will be included in the monthly payment and you will have to pay the rent to Cadwyn yourself
  • You will have to apply for and manage your Universal Credit online
  • You will still need to claim some benefits separately, like Council Tax Reduction and Personal Independence Payment.

Have a look at this You Tube clip which shows how you can make a claim on-line:

Universal Credit is replacing the following benefits:

  • Housing Benefit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Income Support
  • Employment Support Allowance (income related)
  • Job Seekers Allowance (income based)

If my circumstances change when will I need to make a claim?

> Cardiff – From February 2018

> Caerphilly – From September 2018

Are you ready?

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