• Improve your employability skills and work prospects
  • Enhance your CV
  • Meet new people and learn new skills
  • Utilise the skills you already have
  • Gain confidence and self-esteem
  • Contribute towards community benefits

Volunteering work is rewarding, challenging and varied. It offers supportive and reliable relationships to people who could otherwise be socially isolated. Volunteering often provides people with a new direction in life by opening up new opportunities to try different activities. We offer support and advice on volunteering opportunities with different organisations and companies as well as with Cadwyn.

Cadwyn Volunteer Opportunities

Cadwyn has many locations and opportunities for people to become involved in volunteering. Some of the services and opportunities include:

  • Cadwyn Head Office is often able to provide opportunities to volunteer in our Housing Management, Maintenance, IT and Customer Services departments.
  • Nightingale House is a 26 room hostel, providing safe, temporary housing for homeless families in need of support and safe accommodation.
  • Nu-Life Furniture is a project developed by Cadwyn Housing Association through funding from the Big Lottery to provide good quality, refurbished furniture and goods for vulnerable people and low income families in Cardiff.
  • The Food Co-op sells good quality and affordable fruit and vegetables from local suppliers. They take orders from the Cadwyn office and deliver to tenant’s homes. All volunteers are rewarded with time credits.