Realise your Potential is tailored to my needs; I can come to the office and ask for help and support. The team found me something that I can do and this is working out well for me.

Stephanie D

This service is second to none! The team are skilled individuals with a real desire to help in any way they can. I cannot praise this team enough.

Beryl O’B

I want to reaffirm that Realise your Potential project provided me with the platform to start my career and I am very grateful

Charles B

The service is absolutely fantastic.It has taken a lot of stress off me having someone to help. I’ve learnt how to use the computer for what I need it for.

Annette W

Volunteering through at the Food co-op has helped me to practice my English and meet new people, It has helped increase my confidence


Gareth J

Firstly I want to say thanks for the time you have given me over the past year. You can’t imagine how much has changed. As you know I suffer with pain on a daily basis and on top of that I have bi polar mood disorder. Day to day can be quite tricky and planning to do anything a challenge. At our first meeting and everytime since, you had so much enthusiasm I found it infectious. I realised that if I wanted to get out there, I didn’t have to do it alone.

We talked about my interest in photography and the arts and that you also wanted to try some photography and “it just so happened” that there was a summer school photography course at Cardiff met. At the time I was so nervous. But you assured that no one would be let down if I didn’t make it. I did make it. I took that first step. I’m so pleased I did.

Meeting the group was surprisingly helpful. We came from all walks of life and all had our own obsticles and challenges. To see so much creativity pour out and in to our images was so rewarding. We even put an exhibition together. I learned so much and the whole experience has changed my thinking. I have begun to sketch, paint and write. I feel for the first time in a very long time that I can do something to help myself, perhaps to ignite some creativity in others as you have done for me.

I felt as though my life was over but this is just the beginning. It might take me longer than others but I’m on the path to realising my potential.