What is counselling?

  • Counselling offers a space for you to talk about your worries and difficulties.
  • It helps you explore your feelings and looks at how you may wish to change things in your life.
  • Counselling is a “confidential service”

You may want to use counselling for:

  • Resolving problems

  • Making choices

  • Coping with changes

  • Gaining insight and understanding

  • Improving your relationships with others

  • Working through difficult feelings

Types of difficulties may include:

  • Depression

    • Family difficulties and relationships

    • Abuse

    • Trauma

    • Bereavement

    • Anxiety

    • Mental Health

      • Bullying

      • Health related difficulties

      • Low self Esteem

      • Anger

      • Self Harm

      …or other issues that are troubling you.

      Some services that you might consider contacting regarding counselling are as follows:

      Counselling accessible via GP, ask your own GP for a referral.

      MIND Cardiff- 02920 402040 (Open access)

      Cardiff Concern Christian Counselling (you don’t have to be christian)- 029 2066 4410

      There is also counselling for specific problems:

      Amber Project (14-25yr olds who have self harmed)- 02920 344776

      New Pathways (Sexual assaults and childhood sexual abuse)- 01685 379310

      Cruse Bereavement care- 029 2022 6300

      Drug and alcohol counselling can be accessed via EDAS (gateway for all drug and alcohol services)- 0300 300 7000

      Gofal Cymru Care (Counselling for carers)- 029 2040 0657


      You can get access to counselling via educational institutions, so if you are in a college or university, ask them about how to refer in.