Sarah visited Mr Davies to carry out a welfare check. He told her that he felt quite isolated. He only had one family member who he didn’t see often. Apart from this he didn’t have any support.

Mr Davies was on a lot of medication and was anxious that if his health deteriorated he might not be able to get help. He used to have a carer who would do his shopping for him but he found it too expensive so he stopped it. He could generally manage by buying small amounts daily but he did lack social contact.

Mr Davies also disclosed to Sarah that he had been drinking frequently and that this was causing him issues with losing his keys etc.

Support provided

Sarah told Mr Davies about Age Cymru who could help with shopping and also provide him with regular telephone contact. They also talked about whether his accommodation was suitable to his needs. Mr Davies said that he would like to move to sheltered accommodation as there would be more of a community environment and that having an on site warden or a community alarm would give him piece of mind.

Sarah helped Mr Davies to fill in a housing application and sent it off for him to register on the common housing waiting list. She arranged to visit Mr Davies every 3 months so that she could make sure that he was ok.


Mr Davies went to see his Doctor and is now taking regular medication. He cut down on his drinking and is also in touch with Age Cymru. He is a much happier person.