I was using drugs and drinking a lot when I first met Jen; I was really low and couldn’t see my way out of it; but I wanted out of it. My 3 kids were effected because of where I was ‘at’ and I didn’t want to stay there. I had lots of debts and struggled to manage my money and organise my life.

Support provided

Jen came each week and helped me see there was hope, she helped me to sort out my finances, supported me with the children and accessing services for them. Some things, as I felt better I did myself. I got engaged with drug and alcohol services. I got engaged with courses.


With Jen’s help I had one £2,000 debt cleared and got the other’s put in an administration order; so I pay £5 per week for them now and they will all be cleared at the end of the year (£5,000 worth of debt). I now have no debt and I am saving for a family holiday in the summer; we haven’t had one in year’s. We’re going to Spain. Me and my kids are on track now. I don’t take drugs anymore and I haven’t drunk for a long time. I am exercising and eating healthily now. And I’m doing really well in college; I love learning. I knew I had it in me; I just needed a little help. I’ve passed my exams now and will be in university by September next year. I hadn’t studied for 20 years until now, not since school; I was really anxious and worried that I couldn’t do it but Jen supported, encouraged and had faith in me; and that’s made a real difference to mine and my families lives.

Thank you sooo much for your support, encouragement and faith in me. I know that without you coming into my life just over a year ago I would have still been existing instead of living.