Mrs Clarke loved living in her flat but health problems made it difficult for her to get out and about. She was becoming a prisoner in her own home.

Friends and family wanted her to move, and although she knew this was a practical answer, in her heart she didn’t want to leave.

Mrs. Clarke had looked in to getting a stair lift but because of building regulations nobody would commit to installing it for her.

Support provided

Mrs Clarke met with Vicky, our Neighbourhood Assistant to discuss the stair lift. Vicky was then able to refer Mrs. Clarke to an Occupational Therapist.

Because the stairway was communal Vicky got in touch with the Fire Safety Officer for guidance. Working with the Occupational Therapist and Fire and Building Regulators, Vicky was then able to arrange to install the stair lift that Mrs. Clarke required.


Mrs. Clarke is a Jehovah witness and had not been able to attend any of her meetings. The stair lift gave her back her independence and enabled her to attend her meetings again as well as visit her daughters and enjoy the garden.

“I’m so grateful that there was so much compassion shown in trying to help me.” – Mrs Clarke.