Latiffah and her son had been homeless since March 2015.  Latiffah had her own tenancy, however she was subject to ongoing racial harassment and was assaulted in her property.  This exacerbated her depression and eventually Latiffah left the property unable to cope and worried for her son’s safety.

She stayed temporarily in an unsupported hostel in Cardiff.  Unfortunately she was found to be Intentionally Homeless and was evicted from the Hostel.  Latiffah had no choice but to ask the Council for further assistance because she had nowhere else to go.  The Council placed her in Nightingale House under Section 73 of the New Housing Act.

Support provided

When Latiffah arrived at Nightingale House, she explained that  she had never had the opportunity to challenge her Intentionally Homeless decision and she felt she hadn’t been listed to.  She was supported to make an appointment with Shelter Cymru where she was able to discuss the details of her housing with a caseworker, who gave her guidance on submitting her information to the Council.  Latiffah’s Support Worker helped her to put her own case forward in writing to the Council who then investigated by speaking to the professionals Latiffah had suggested.  Unfortunately the decision was upheld.

Latiffah’s Support Worker then made a referral to CanDo Lettings and they were able to find her a 2 bedroom flat, which she was delighted with and moved in with her son.  She was supported to make a Discretionary Assistance Fund application for assistance with furniture, and also referred to NU Life Furniture; a furniture up-cycling scheme run by Cadwyn.  Latiffah also attended the DIY course that was run at Nightingale House which further prepared her for having her own place.

When Latiffah arrived at Nightingale House, she also disclosed that she experienced depression but was determined to stay off medication.  Latiffah was referred to the Cadwyn Counselling scheme and still continues with the sessions.  She has learnt new coping mechanisms which means she does not, and thinks will not need medication.

Latiffah also engaged with the Creating Connections Course which is designed to give single parents the space to develop their confidence and skills and identify the positive connections in their lives.  She enjoyed the course so much that she has put herself forward to be a volunteer leader for future courses.

Finally, Latiffah accessed all of the parenting support available at Nightingale House.  She regularly attended Stay and Play sessions run by Shine and Flying Start, and went on the trips organised by them and Nightingale staff.


Latiffah now lives in suitable and sustainable accommodation.  She has improved confidence, skills and mental health.  She is accessing learning opportunities and improving her parenting skills.  She also has a wider social network and most importantly, her family is safe.

“I really enjoyed my stay at Nightingale House because I found Latiffah again.  Thank you very much for being there for my son and I.” – Latiffah.