Every housing association tenant is protected by the Tenants Guarantee, which has been developed by Welsh Government in consultation with Community Housing Cymru and the Welsh Tenants Federation

The Guarantee sets out:

  • What your landlord must do to meet the Regulatory Code
  • Any other ‘good practice’ standards that your landlord should normally comply with

The Guarantee tells you what you can expect from us – including the service you should be getting. It also tells you what to do if you feel we aren’t meeting the Guarantee.

What the Guarantee covers:

• The way things are run: This tells you about who is in charge in the association and the proper way things should be run
• Getting re-housed: This tells you about your rights and what to expect if you are a tenant and you are applying to move home
• Moving in: This tells you about occupancy agreements and what support your landlord should offer you
• Living in your home: This tells you about being secure in your home, how to manage it, and what to do if you experience noise, nuisance or anti-social behaviour
• Paying for your home: This includes information about rent and service charges
• Repairs and improvements: This tells you about reporting repairs, major works, carrying out your own improvements and claiming compensation
• Information: This tells you about the quality of service you should expect, what information you should expect to be given and the type of information that is held about you
• Consultation and involvement: This tells you how you can have your say and get more involved in the way we are run
• Making a complaint: This tells you what to do and how to complain if you think we are not doing things properly