service improvement team 3
service improvement team 3

It’s your chance to make a real difference to how Cadwyn is run.

The team has real power to challenge and change how services are delivered by Cadwyn, and recommendations are made to the Board of Management. This could be, for example, how antisocial behaviour is managed, how repairs are done, or how Cadwyn deals with complaints. The important thing to remember is that you will be acting as a ‘critical friend’ to Cadwyn while enabling the voice of all residents to be heard and seeing services improve.

Here are just some of the benefits of being on the team…

  • Access to free training
  • Rewards for your contribution
  • Experience and skills to enhance your CV
  • Opportunities to learn new skills
  • One-to-one support via our Realise Your Potential programme
  • You will be directly contributing to better services for tenants
service team
service team

You can be involved in a way that suits you – there are different opportunities to suit your skills, interest and experience.

  • Reading documents
  • Meetings & teamworking
  • In your local community
  • Talking to staff & tenants
  • Customer services
  • Analysing data
  • Research
  • Equality issues

There’s really something for everyone and we welcome new members – if you’re not sure if the group is for you simply give us a call and we can chat through some of the opportunities that you might like to get involved in

How does it work?

The team identify an area of Cadwyn’s service to scrutinize by looking at Cadwyn’s performance information or the results of a tenant survey. They then carry out an in depth review of the service area. This will usually include reading a range of documents and speaking with staff and tenants to get a full picture of what is involved and how things work. The team also get to meet other tenants when they carry out external research and as part of the South Wales Scrutiny Network. The team is supported by Cadwyn staff and you’ll have all the information you need to understand how services are run and what things cost.

You will get full support and training and we will cover your expenses. Before we start each new service review we run training sessions for all new members  including: What is Scrutiny, Equality & Diversity and Confidence Building. We also link up with Realise Your Potential to offer training to meet your individual needs.


Once the team has completed its review, identified recommendations and compiled their report they present this directly to Cadwyn’s Executive Team and Board of Management. Tenants and staff continue to work together to ensure that we are making progress on the agreed recommendation

Interested in Making a Difference?

Complete the form and we’ll be in touch

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scrutiny table e1479718589746